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Sculptra® Aesthetic collagen stimulator is a bio-compatible substance that is also used to form the dissolving stitches used during surgery. It creates natural and long-lasting skin smoothing results. Dr. Lina Naga and Dr. Terrence Keaney of SkinDC in Washington DC, use Sculptra to fill facial folds, improve aging changes in the chest and body, and provide full face revoluminization. Call the office today to set up an appointment for a Sculptra consultation.

Sculptra Q & A

Why is collagen stimulation needed?

Collagen is a fibrous substance in the deeper layers of the skin that supports the outer skin and aids elastin and hyaluronic acid. Elastin helps maintain skin shape, while hyaluronic acid is key to skin hydration. More collagen permits the presence of more elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen production starts to slow when a person is in their 20s. In fact, about 1% of the body’s collagen is lost each year after that. Stimulating the production of new collagen helps to slow that process. When the growth of new collagen combines with the benefits of other cosmetic treatments, results can be astonishing. Wrinkles and lines fill in, and the skin naturally holds more moisture and nutrients.

How does Sculptra Aesthetic work?

While Sculptra provides some immediate results, like other dermal fillers, Sculptra is known for slowly providing volume and new collagen with very long-lasting results. Upon initial treatment, Sculptra adds support in the dermal layer, propping up skin folds beneath the surface. Over time however, the particles of poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA, are absorbed by the body, stimulating new collagen near the locations of the injections. Collagen generally does not renew unless faced with injury, such as a cut or burn. PLLA stimulates growth of collagen without tissue damage. Often injected using a cross-hatch pattern, Sculptra’s effects last longer than 2 years, though individual results may vary.

Where is Sculptra Aesthetic used?

Sculptra is an excellent product at filling in temporal hollowing (sunken in temples) and providing full face volume. It is an excellent option for skinny patients who may appear some what ‘skeletalized’ with the loss of facial fat with time and exercise. It is also an option for the lower face to define the jawline and cheeks. Sculptra can also be used to improve the age related changes on the chest and dimpling seen with cellulite in various areas of the body. A typical course of Sculptra treatments consists of 3 injection sessions over 3-4 months to achieve the longest-lasting effects.