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Radiesse® is an injectable dermal filler that not only replaces lost volume in the skin, it also stimulates new tissue growth. Dr. Lina Naga and Dr. Terrence Keaney of SkinDC in Washington DC, use the unique properties of Radiesse fillers to custom-fit treatment options that match a patient’s treatment goals. Call today to see if Radiesse is right for you.

Radiesse Q & A

How is Radiesse different from other dermal fillers?

How is Radiesse different from other dermal fillers? Radiesse is composed of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in a water-based gel. Upon injection, Radiesse adds volume, the same way that other fillers do. However, the calcium hydroxylapatite stimulates the body’s production of collagen around the injection areas, and naturally restores some of the collagen that is lost during aging. When the Radiesse microspheres are absorbed and metabolized, the new collagen remains and supports the outer skin layers. Due to this double activity, Radiesse treatments may last a year or more for some patients.

What areas of the body does Radiesse treat?

Radiesse is mainly used in the face and hands. In fact, it is the first dermal filler approved by the FDA for use to restore volume in the hands. The backs of the hands are an area that often displays the signs of aging, despite an individual's best efforts at maintaining a youthful appearance. Radiesse replaces lost volume and minimizes the appearance of raised tendons and veins revealed by loss of skin elasticity, while preserving a smooth and natural appearance. Radiesse is also excellent at smoothing the effects of moderate-to-severe lines and wrinkles. In particular, it works well at improving wrinkles in the chin, smile lines at the side of the mouth, the folds that come before jowl formation, and the folds that make it seem a person is frowning. It is also an excellent product at defining the jawline, providing structure to this important facial feature.

What can I expect from a Radiesse treatment?

As with other dermal fillers, Radiesse is injected with a fine needle or microcannula into the treatment area. The newer formulation of Radiesse includes lidocaine — a common and safe local anesthetic — which minimizes any discomfort from the injection itself. There are few chances for side effects. The treatment area may be sore for a few hours after treatment, but there is generally very little down time from a Radiesse treatment. Radiesse may be recommended with other products or treatments as part of your personal care plan from your SkinDC care provider.