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There are several ways skin may be resurfaced to counteract the effects of life and living. Laser resurfacing is emerging as an alternative to aggressive chemical peels and aggressive dermabrasion. Dr. Lina Naga and Dr. Terrence Keaney of SkinDC in Arlington, Virginia, look to the Sciton® Halo™ hybrid fractional laser to perform skin resurfacing that’s effective with little downtime for the patient. To learn more about the Sciton Halo, call SkinDC today.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Q & A

What is a fractional laser?

A conventional laser is a continuous single beam of light energy. A fractional laser takes that single beam and divides it into thousands of very tiny beams. Since the full power of the laser splits into so many fractional streams, the full power of the laser spreads and moderates the effects on the treatment area. The Halo fractional system bridges the gap between ablative and non-ablative skin resurfacing treatments. Ablative resurfacing aggressively addresses skin defects, but at the cost of damage to both surface and subsurface layers. Recovery time is longer than with non-ablative techniques, but non-ablative treatments don’t precipitate the dramatic improvements of the more aggressive procedure. Halo delivers both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths of light, creating the benefits of aggressive treatment with recovery times more in line with conservative treatment.

What skin flaws does the Halo laser address?

Perhaps the most dramatic results the Halo system provides is the smoothing of age and sun-related pigment changes. Freckles, sun damage, age spots, and general reduction in skin color uniformity all show improvements after a Halo resurfacing. The resulting smoothness of post-treatment pigmentation provides a dramatically younger looking result for many patients. Fine lines disappear and the visible effect of deeper wrinkles is reduced. Skin redness also tones down and surface capillaries fade or disappear. The hybrid nature of the Halo system approximates two types of treatment within a single session. Deep tissue rejuvenation is triggered while mild ablation resurfaces the epidermis.

Is the Halo system safe?

Yes. The dual wavelength system targets specific tissue, resulting in less damage to surrounding tissue. The fractional laser diffuses the impact of the full laser power and the Halo system can be customized to the patient’s skin type, color, and treatment targets. The Halo hand piece includes thermal optimizing technology and optical navigation to help control proper exposure, avoiding over-treatment of any area. While any ablative skin resurfacing has recovery time, this is minimal with the Halo, since the ablative component doesn’t have to penetrate to initiate the deep tissue coagulation process, as non-hybrid laser resurface systems do. Only a small layer of ablation is needed to produce results.   


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