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For those seeking to improve body contours, surgical interventions may be drastic and risky for an elective procedure. Dr. Lina Naga and Dr. Terrence Keaney of SkinDC in Arlington, Virginia, prefer the non-invasive, non-contact treatment option provided by the Vanquish ME™ device. There’s no surgery and no body mass restrictions as with other treatments. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Body Contouring - Vanquish

How does the Vanquish ME work?

There are many non-invasive cosmetic devices that use lasers, pulsed light, or radiofrequency energy to selectively heat adipose tissue, the medical name for fat cells. In every case, the device works by raising the temperature of adipose tissue to the point where the fat cells are disrupted. The body senses the damage to these cells and begins to remove them from the body through the lymphatic system. Unless the patient has a major lifestyle change that includes significant weight gain, the lost adipose tissue isn’t replaced. The advantage of the Vanquish ME over similar devices is in the delivery of the warming energy. There’s no skin contact with the Vanquish ME, resulting in less damage to tissue surrounding the targeted fat.

Who is a good candidate for Vanquish ME treatment?

Other body contouring systems target patients who are already at or near their ideal body mass. Those treatments target only the remaining pockets of stubborn fat. Ironically, some of these devices require sufficient tissue to suck into a attachment for treatment, yet the patients targeted for the device may not have enough excess tissue for effective treatment. Vanquish ME is safe for anyone who wants to reduce the size of their abdomen and thighs. Body mass index doesn’t matter, making Vanquish treatments an alternative to the cost, invasiveness, and recovery period of surgical interventions such as liposuction.

What can I expect from a Vanquish ME treatment?

Therapy sessions last between 30 minutes for thigh treatment and 45 minutes for abdominal treatment. Vanquish ME has the largest treatment area of any body contouring device, so single treatments cover an expanded area, reducing the number of treatments a patient needs. The only sensation during and after treatment is a warming feeling that may last for several hours after treatment. Since adipose tissue is only raised above temperature between 5 and 10 degrees, and the radiofrequency energy used targets only fat tissue, there’s little effect on surrounding tissue, which is the most common side effect of similar treatments. Vanquish ME is also the only device of its type that does not contact the skin during treatment.