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The effects of aging in the face span multiple categories, therefore several different treatments are best used in combination to counteract these effects. Dr. Lina Naga and Dr. Terrence Keaney of SkinDC in Washington DC, specialize in providing innovative and individualized skincare, so they are adept at developing complete care plans customized to each patient’s need and treatment goals. Call SkinDC today to start on your own care plan.

Anti-Aging Treatment Q & A

What is the biggest anti-aging challenge?

Wrinkles would likely top any list of common aging complaints. Anti-aging treatments for wrinkles depends on both the location and underlying cause of the wrinkles. Some are due to skin laxity — the loss of the elasticity of younger skin. This shows where skin is typically thinnest, and therefore without the support tissue found in other areas. Usually, this starts around the eyes — think crow’s feet — before progressing to the neck and jawline. This is where jowls start to form. For skin laxity, treatments that warm collagen and stimulate new growth often provide visible improvement.

In other cases, support tissue creates wrinkles and fissures. Where once collagen propped up the outer layers of skin, there are now hollows and lines. Smile and laugh lines originate from this type of tissue loss. Dermal fillers and collagen production stimulators provide effective treatment. Support tissue loss is also the cause of lip thinning and sunken cheeks, both of which also benefit from dermal fillers — though usually in different formulations than fillers used in other locations.

Wrinkles, such as worry or frown lines, come from expression muscles. These create a base over which skin has no option other than to mimic the shape of the contracted muscle. Botox-style treatments cause the offending muscles to relax, smoothing the appearance of the treatment area.

How are bags and dark circles under the eyes treated?

Known as tear trough defects, dark circles under the eyes give off a permanently tired look. These typically stem from the same collagen losses and fat pad descent that creates sunken cheeks. In extreme cases, a surgery called blepharoplasty can correct the problem. However, non-invasive procedures such as dermal filler placement are an attractive alternative as they require less recovery time and are often less expensive. Dermal fillers approved for use around the eyes provide volume replacement in these problem areas.

Can anything be done about a double chin?

Storage of fat on the neck, combined with skin laxity, creates the bothersome double chin effect. Until recently, surgical liposuction was the only available treatment for this condition, but like any surgery, liposuction is invasive and carries the risks usually associated with surgery. However, there is now an exciting, non-invasive way to target and remove fat cells in the lower chin area. Kybella® injections, recently FDA approved for this indication, can greatly reduce the amount of fat underneath the chin and decrease the appearance of a double chin.


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