Hair Restoration Q & A


When unwanted hair loss begins to become bothersome, seeking treatment early on produces the best results. The physicians at SkinDC are experts at treating hair loss. Call today to schedule a consultation.

What options do I have when my hair starts to thin? 

Hair restoration begins with diagnosing the underlying cause for the hair loss. In the case of disease, whether or not the hair regrows may depend on the condition. With hair loss caused by chemotherapy or other drugs, hair often regrows back after the drug is discontinued. With male pattern hair loss, the front and top of the scalp are affected. With female pattern hair loss, the top of the scalp is typically affected, and the frontal hairline does not recede. When hair loss is treatable, the physicians at SkinDC offer several different treatments (oral, topical, and in-office) to help slow down hair loss and regrow some of what has already been lost.    

How does SkinDC address treatable hair loss? 

In many cases of pattern baldness, hair follicles remain active through the early stages, although they produce only tiny hairs. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is showing outstanding results for some patients, especially those in this stage. While the effectiveness of PRP treatment for hair loss is not yet well-documented, PRP therapy has been used successfully for years to treat sports injuries, and is showing significant efficacy in facial cosmetic treatments. The procedure involves drawing a patient’s blood and subsequently concentrating it so that it contains up to 10 times the normal level of platelets. The concentrated plasma is then re-injected  into the scalp. Growth factors carried in platelets aid the reactivation of the thinning, those underproductive hair follicles. Results vary between patients, but quite dramatic results can occur for some. 

Low-level laser light therapy has also shown promise for the stimulation and regeneration of hair follicles. Approved as safe and effective as a hair loss treatment by the FDA, laser stimulation changes the way nutrients get absorbed into the hair follicles, supporting the chemistry that produces more effective hair growth.   


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